The OCCA has a rich history beginning in 1935. Written in documents dating back to the early ‘1940s the OCCA has printed the following statement: “dedicated to the fullest possible development and utilization of the Osage cattle country.”


Osage County, Oklahoma has been described as the “Cattle Capital” where its lands are still managed with fire native tall grasses grow in abundance and high quality feeder cattle are produced. Although feeder cattle are still grown in large numbers, ranchers across the county also raise commercial and registered cow-calf herds.


The OCCA hosts and sponsors events across the county year-round, honors Hall of Fame inductees annually, and awards scholarships to its youth. The OCCA believes in the values and rich history it was founded on, and strives to provide up-to-date, relevant information to its producers to continue to better and improve cattle operations across the county.


If you would like to become a member of this historical association, please contact Jeanne Strom, jeanne.strom@okstate.edu.